Submit Your Lucid Dreams

submit lucid dream

Thank you for submitting your lucid dreams for publication in the Lucid Dreaming Experience. Your lucid dreams can educate and inform others about the joy, potential and practice of lucid dreams. Plus, you get to see your lucid dream printed in a lucid dream magazine!

  • When submitting your lucid dream, you can use your full name, or first name only.
  • Please make clear exactly when you realized that you were dreaming.
  • Write as clearly as possible.

Thanks for sharing your lucid dream, and maybe inspiring others on their lucid journey.


It is easy to submit a lucid dream/s for possible publication in the LDE.
(To submit articles, book reviews and interviews to the LDE read information here.)

  • Please note that we do NOT do dream interpretation.
  • To submit a lucid dream, please send an email to with the following information:

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Type the lucid dream. Please indicate at what point in the dream you became lucid and/or what triggered your lucidity. Please also include a date and title for the lucid dream if possible: (2,000 characters max) * required.