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How To Lucid Dream

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Sleep Paralysis and Nightmares

Sleep paralysis refers to the brief inability to move or speak just before falling asleep or on awakening, often accompanied by hallucinations, according the APA definition. While sometimes frightening, sleep paralysis can often be remedied fairly easily by simply relaxing … Continue reading

Dream Yoga and Spiritual Growth

Buddhist dream yoga uses lucid dreaming as a technique for spiritual growth and illumination, as does Sufism, Hindu yoga nidra and shamanic traditions.  Why?  How does lucid dreaming connect with spiritual growth? Lucidly aware, you can easily grasp how your mind influences … Continue reading

Troubleshoot Your Lucid Dreams

Became lucid and then you suddenly woke?  Stared at dream objects and then the lucid dream collapsed?  Bounced off a wall that you tried to fly through in a lucid dream?  The lucid experts at LDE will help you troubleshoot … Continue reading

Links to Lucid Dream Research

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Simultaneous Time

Have you ever experienced two or more dreams with your awareness fully focused in each, simultaneously? Dreams and lucid dreams sometimes allow you to perceive in surprising, even shocking, ways. The simultaneous dreaming phenomenon seems to mystify many, except those … Continue reading