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Version 2 – February, 2016
by Sue R. Williams

Content:  This index covers Issues 13 through 62 of the “Lucid Dream Exchange”
and Vol. 1, No. 1 through Vol. 4, No. 3 of the “Lucid Dream Experience.”

Format:  The locators are in two formats: 13:2-4  =  Issue 13, pages 2 to 4
v1:n1:33 =  Volume 1, Number 1, page 33


Adams, Chad, interviewed by Robert Waggoner, v3:n1:2–12


“Dream Trips: Dream Drugs as Metaphor,” 18:2–3

interview with Ray Kurzweil, 19:10


“Being in Two Places at Once,” 60:9

simultaneous dreaming, letter about, 41:15

Atkinson, Laura

“My Top Ten” [lucid dreaming experiences], v2:n1:33

participant in “The More Lucid Dreams Project,” 29:16

“When the Sound Goes Out,” 33:11


B., Karl, meets the challenge of “Lucid Dream Information Technique,” 34:17

Barasch, Marc Ian, Healing Dreams: Exploring the Dreams That Can Transform Your Life, 17:12

Barton, Mary E., “Geometric Symbols, Sacred Geometry, Unusual Experiences of Light and Color,” 51:15

Betchley, Lee, C.Ht., “Wake Up and Dream – The Hypnotic Benefits of Lucid Dreaming,” 29:7

Black, Cherylee, interviewed by Robert Waggoner, v3:n2:2–8

Bogzaran, Fariba, Ph.D.

interviewed by Robert Waggoner:

Part 1, 36:2–9

Part 2, 37:2–7

Bonham, Sirley Marques, Ph.D., “Playing with Lights in My Lucid Dreams and Out-of-Body Experiences,” v1:n4:13–14

Bosma, Harry

“The More Lucid Dreams Project,” 29:15–16

“Simultaneous Time,” 54:9

Brannen, Rey, “Self Directed Healing,” v4:n2:18–20

Bray, James, “The Healing Power of Meditative Lucid Dreams,” v4:n2:35–36

Brooks, Janice, interviewed by Robert Waggoner, 27:2–4, 27:26

Broos, Andres, “Distracted Meditation,” v1:n2:18

Browne, Anthony, Willy the Dreamer, 16:10

Brunke, Dawn Baumann

“Dreaming with Polar Bears,” v3:n2:18–19

“Expanding Horizons: The Meeting of Stone and Sky,” 56:26–27

interviewed by Robert Waggoner, v3:n3:2–6

Buhlman, William, The Secret of the Soul, 20:14–15

Butts, Robert, letter to Lucy Gillis, 26:1


Carlee, letter to “Lucid Dream Exchange,” 34:8

C4Chaos, link to blog, 60:18

Cernuto, Maria Carla, “The Three Me’s,” v3:n2:16

challenge, dream. See dream challenge

Conesa-Sevilla, Dr. Jorge

“Dreaming with Bear,” 49:14–16, 49:27

“Evolutionary Advantages of Sleep Paralysis and Lucid Dreaming,” 42:12–13

“Hummingbird-Shaman” (poem), 29:10

interviewed by Lucy Gillis, 21:4–7

“Lucid Dreaming and Aesthetics,” 37:8–10

Coronel, Caz, “Healing Tinnitus in a Lucid Dream,” v2:n2:40–41

Cruvellier, Lauren, “Dream Inspired Stop-Motion Animations,” 56:28–29

Cumbo, Nick, interviewed by Robert Waggoner, 48:2–7


Darryn, “Sleep Paralysis and Lucidity,” 35:21

Devine, Tom, “Story of a Lucid Dream Healing?”, v1:n1:24–25

Diane, letter to “Lucid Dream Exchange,” 42:10

Dome, Nicole, “Full Circle,” 59:22

Dorchak, F. P., Sleepwalkers: A Roadtrip for the Soul, 24:22

dream challenge

“Contacting an Angel, Ally, or Guide,” 34:16–17

“Design Your Own Challenges,” 42:8–9

“Dream Mirrors in Theory and Practice,” v2:n2:23–27

“Exploring Dream Flight,” 41:8–10

“Exploring the Bizarre Physics of Dreamspace:

Part 1: Dreamstuff,” 37:11–13

Part 2: Dreamlight”, 38:12–14

Part 3: Dreamspace”, 39:14–17

Part 4: The Dream Matrix and the Phenomenological Epoché”, 40:13–15

“Exploring the Tree of Life through Lucid Dreaming,” v1:n4:15–22

“Harry Potter and the ‘Lucid Dream Exchange’ Challenge – Trying Out Spells from the Hogwarts Universe,” 36:24–25

“The Lucid Dream Information Technique” (LDIT), 33:8–9

original challenge, by Lucy Gillis, 16:17

reminders and suggestions, 19:18

responses, 18:13ff

“Seeking Specific Future Information: Tuning into the Stock Market,” 47:13–16

suggestions for lucid dreaming activities, 23:2

“Tuning into Your Optimal Self/Branching Parallel Universes,” 32:20–21

D’Urso, Beverly (Kedzierski Heart), Ph.D.

interviewed by Robert Waggoner:

Part 1″, 29:2–6, 29:28

Part 2″, 30:2–6, 30:23

Part 3″, 31:2–7, 31:30

“My Lucid Dream Geometric Healing Experience,” 35:17–19

“To Infinity and Beyond” dream report, 31:18

” ‘Top 10’ Lucid Dreaming Experiences,” 62:30


Ebert, Hayden

“Crossing the Abyss,” v2:n2:28–30

“What’s in a Label?”, v3:n2:20–22

Edith, “More Thoughts on Lucid Dream Interpretation,” 24:11

Elliott, Sarah, letter to “Lucid Dream Exchange,” 34:9

Evans, Phoebe, “My Top Ten Lucid Dreams,” v3:n4:32–34


Fatooh, Joy

“Bending Shadows in the Dream World,” 45:6–7

Ed Kellogg’s comments, 45:8

interviewed by Robert Waggoner, 46:2–8

fears, facing (comments by lucid dreamers), v1:n2:12–13

Feynman, Richard P., lucid dreaming by, 21:16

Fluitt, Don, letter to “Lucid Dream Exchange” readers, 43:8

flying dreams, suggestions from readers and examples of, 43:43:30–40

Fox, Kristen, “Lucid Dream Inspired Art,” 56:14–15

Frank, Michael, “Cloud Houses and Memory Gongs” (illustrations), 56:8–10

Frederick, Lisa, “One of God’s…” (poem), 31:1

Funkmeyer, Jenny

“A Fond Farewell to Mama,” 55:13–14

“Jenny Funkmeyer’s Self Induced Lucid Dreaming Technique,” 61:12–13

Fusco, Amy, “A Lucid Dreaming Tip,” 34:7


Gackenbach, Jayne, Ph.D., interviewed by Robert Waggoner:

Part 1, 53:2–5

Part 2, 54:2

Galleher, John, “Exploring the Properties of ‘Dreamlight'”, 39:14–17

Gary, dreaming and interpretation techniques, 43:23

Gassmann, Christoph

“A Response to a Simultaneous Dreamer,” 54:7

“After All, I Am a Dreamer,” 56:13

“Jacob Flies,” v1:n2:21–23

“Light in (Lucid) Dreams,” v1:n4:23–24

Seth books for lucid dreaming and OBE information, 27:11

Ghibellini, Florence, “A Wonderful Experience: Transfer of Consciousness/Entering Dream Characters,” 18:3–5

Gillard, Arthur

“An Interview with Robert Augustus Masters,” 40:17–23

eulogy for Kalindi Smith, 20:2–3

“Interview with the Creators of the SF/Lucid Dreaming Web Series Anamnesis“, v4:n1:19–23


Dreamgates: An Explorer’s Guide to the Worlds of Soul, Imagination, and Life After Death, 20:25–27

Dreams Are More Real than Bathtubs, 16:10

Free Fall, 16:10

“Paperhouse” (film), 16:10

The Secret of the Soul, 20:14–15

Stop Sleeping through Your Dreams, 15:31

Waking Up, 15:31

Willy the Dreamer, 16:10

Gillespie, George, interviewed by Robert Waggoner, v3:n4:2–6

Gillis, Lucy

“And Now a Word from Ancient Egypt…”, 50:19

“Are We Our Own Demons?”, 51:30

“The Best Medicine,” v2:n4:16–17

“The Birthday Gift,” 20:22–24

coeditor of “Lucid Dream Exchange,” 13:1

“Do You See What I See?”, v2:n1:26–29

“Dreaming Twice (or More) at Once,” 50:11–12

“The Early Days,” 44:9–10

“Focus on the Goal, Not the Obstacle,” 27:11

“Giordano Bruno – Philosopher, Mystic, Martyr… and Lucid Dreamer?”, v1:n1:8–9

“The Girl with Kaleidoscope I’s,” v4:n3:15–18

“Hallucinations Begone!”, 42:17–19

“How a Lucid Dream Solved a Spiritual Dilemma,” 54:21

“Inner View – An Interview with a Lucid Dream Character,” 44:17–19

interviewed by Robert Waggoner, 23:4–8


Conesa-Sevilla, Dr. Jorge, 21:4–7

Goswami, Dr. Amit, 37:16–18

Waggoner, Robert, 26:2–4, 26:19

Wolf, Fred Alan, 36:18–23

“The Invitation” (poem), 35:1

“It’s Beautiful!”, 55:22–24

“Lucid Dreaming and the Afterlife,” 41:18–20

“Lucid Dreaming Learning Curve Done with Mirrors,” v2:n2:45–50

lucid dreaming questionnaire, responses to, 27:5–7

lucid dreams, responses to questions about, 28:7–10

“Lucid in the Sky with Demons” (poem), 16:19

“Lucid Laboratory,” 32:16–19

“The Missing Link – A Strange Case of Lucid Mutual Dreaming,” 53:18–20

“Multiple Awareness in Simultaneous Dreaming,” 35:26–28

“Multiple Me’s – Simultaneous Dreaming,” 59:12–13

“Outside of Time, Space, and Consciousness,” v3:n1 :21–26

review of Sleepwalkers: A Roadtrip for the Soul, 24:22

“Scared Stiff – Sleep Paralysis: An Interview with Jorge Conesa, Ph.D.”, 21:4–7

“Simultaneous Dreaming and the Lucidity Advantage,” v1:n3:8–11

“Sleep Paralysis: If You Can’t Avoid Its Occurrence, Can You Change the Experience?”, 33:12–13

“Sleep Paralysis Sensations – Echoes of Body Re-entry Problems?”, 24:12

“So, Was That a Lucid Dream?”, 28:11–12

“Sound Advice: Strike a Note, Flex Your Brain, and Fly!”, 43:25–27

“Top 10 Lucid Dreaming Experiences,” 62:28

Gilmore, Edith, “Non-personal Dreams: The Spectator’s Awareness,” 36:17

Gingras, Michel, interviewed by Lori Goddard, 25:14–16

Goddard, Lori

interview with Michel Gingras, 25:14–16

interviewed by Lucy Gillis, 23:18–19

new “Lucid Dream Exchange” design by, 23:2

Goswami, Dr. Amit, interviewed by Lucy Gillis, 37:16–18

Gover, Tzivia, interviewed by Robert Waggoner, 61:2–5

Graff, Dale E., “A Striking Lucid Dream,” v3:n1:38–41

Graham, Terry, “When Lucid Dreamers Meet,” 45:45:13–14

Gregory, Jill, responses to questions about lucid dreams, 28:7–10


Hadley, Shirley

“Fractals and Dreaming,” 25:1

letter to “Lucid Dream Exchange,” 44:8

Hamilton, Nigel, Ph.D.

“The Experience of Colours and Light in Lucid Dreaming: A Sufi Perspective,” v1:n4:28–30

interviewed by Robert Waggoner, v4:n1:2–6

Harthan, Joan C., Ph.D.

“Lucid Laughter Is Powerful Medicine,” v2:n4:18–19

“Lucid Predators,” v1:n2:16–17

“Mirror, Mirror on the Wall,” v2:n2:20–22

Heineman, Christine, “Healing From My Past Relationships Through Lucid Dreaming,” v4:n2:10–11

Heinz, Nic, lucid dreaming tips, 31:31

Helfrich, Paul M., interviewed by Robert Waggoner, 38:2–6

Herrman, Bill, “Morning Paper” (poem), 15:2

Hoffman, Curtiss, “Nested Dreaming, Lucid Living,” 32:22–28, 32:39

Hollinger, Alicia, “The Movie ‘Avatar’ and Lucid Dreaming,” 55:12

Hope, interviewed by Robert Waggoner, 58:2–5

Hurd, Ryan

interviewed by Robert Waggoner, 43:2–7

“The Science of Lucid Dreaming: A Brief History and New Findings,” 50:10

“The Science of Lucid Dreaming: New Evidence of GAMMA Band Activation,” 52:8, 52:13

“The Science of Lucid Dreaming: The Electronic Media Effect,” 51:9

“Shadow: Community of Dreamers,” v2:n3:22

Sleep ParalysisA Guide to Hypnagogic Visions & Visitors of the Night, 57:29

“Spiritual Sleep Paralysis – Aliens, Angels, and Allies,” 54:13



dreaming and interpretation techniques, 43:16

“Ilkin Meets the Challenge,” 33:10


Janice, “An Essay” [on OBEs], 25:9

Jay, Dr. Clare

See also Johnson, Clare R., Ph.D.

“Lucid Dreaming, Writing & Sleep Disorders,” 57:13–14

Johnson, Clare R., Ph.D.

See also Jay, Dr. Clare

interviewed by Robert Waggoner, 34:2–7

“Opening the Treasure Chest: Creative Inspiration in Lucid Dreams,” v4:n1:8–10

“The Role of Lucid Dreaming in the Process of Novel Writing,” 34:18–22

a winner in ASD’s Dream Telepathy Contest, 32:15

Jones, Matt, interviewed by Robert Waggoner, 50:2–6

Joshua, “Meeting the Challenge,” 40:16

Jossy, “Introducing the Lucid Self to the Non-Lucid Self,” 32:19



“Effects of Pre-sleep Exercises on Dreams,” 20:28

“Meditation and Lucid Dream Induction,” 21:2–3

Kahn, David L.

“Awaken Your PALS – Personality Awareness Lucidity Stimulus,” 44:12–14, 44:16

“The Big Blue Penis,” 55:10–12

“Chasing Venus,” 57:11

“The Dark Side of Lucid Dreams,” 53:14

“Flight of Solitude,” 60:13

“Flora of life…” (poem), 41:14

“The Focal Point,” 61:11

“I am the water,” 59:9

“If I Was Lucid…”, 49:8–9

“I’m Here for You,” 54:30

“Initiation to the Inner Frontier,” 46:9

“Integrating Lucid Dream Characters,” 42:14–15

interviewed by Robert Waggoner, 41:2–5

“Lucidity Rocks!”, 48:14

“Perception Outside of the Box,” 52:9

“Reverence for the lucid…” (poem), 41:27

“The Shape of a Dream,” 51:26–27

“Show Me Why I Need to Fly,” 43:14–15

“Smart Phone Apps for Lucid Dreaming,” v1:n2:19–20

“To the Stars,” 50:16

“Tree of Life,” 56:24

“Waking Up without Waking Up,” 45:10–11

“Whose Dream Is This?”, 47:8

Kampuries, Carolina, “The Lucid Doorway: Beginnings,” v1:n1:12–13

Karim, “On Becoming a Mosquito, a Tree, a Bird, and a Human,” v4:n3:8–9

Karl, review of Healing Dreams: Exploring the Dreams that Can Transform Your Life, 17:12

Katie, review of Master of Lucid Dreams, 28:20

Katz, Michael, interviewed by Robert Waggoner, v4:n3:2–7


“A Unique Lucid Dreamer,” 27:1

“Dream Visits with Loved Ones Who Have Died,” 20:12–13

“Forever in Search of Her Own Wild Aislings,” 14:17–18

“GhostDreams: Healing Our Grief through Dream Encounters with the Deceased,” 20:24–25

interviewed by Robert Waggoner, 32:2–8

“It’s for you…” (poem), 28:20

“The lake, still at sunset…” (poem), 28:14

Keith, “Looking for My Inner Self,” 50:17

Kellogg, E. W. (“Ed”) III, Ph.D.

“A Comment on ‘Bending Shadows in the Dream World'”, 45:8

“A Kabbalistic Meditation,” v2:n3:11

“A Visit to the Fountain of Youth,” v1:n1:32

“Alien Encounters, Lucid Dreams, and OBEs,” v3:n4:8–12

comments on:

Beverly D’Urso’s dream report, 31:18

Justin M. Tombe’s dream report, 31:16–17

“Consensus Reality Testing in Lucid Dreams,” v2:n1:9–17

“Contacting an Angel, Ally, or Guide,” 34:16–17

“Design Your Own Challenges,” 42:8–9

“Dream Mirrors in Theory and Practice,” v2:n2:23–27

“Exploring Dream Flight,” 41:8–10

“Exploring the Bizarre Physics of Dreamspace:

Part 1: Dreamstuff,” 37:11–13

Part 2: Dreamlight”, 38:12–14

Part 3: Dreamspace”, 39:14–17

Part 4: The Dream Matrix and the Phenomenological Epoché”, 40:13–15

“Exploring the Tree of Life through Lucid Dreaming,” v1:n4:15–22

“Harry Potter and the ‘Lucid Dream Exchange’ Challenge – Trying Out Spells from the Hogwarts Universe,” 36:26

host of the Quarterly Dream Tasks, 31:14

“Initiations and Trainings in Lucid Dreams,” 51:17–19

interviewed by Robert Waggoner, 35:2–8

“The Lucid Dream Information Technique” (LDIT), 33:8–9

“The Lucid Dreamers Checklist,” 61:6

“Lucid Dreaming, Psychic Development, and Spirituality,” v1:n3:19–22

“Lucid Dreams and OBEs: A Phenomenological Approach,” v3:n2:9–10

“Radical Healings: A Role for Dreamwork,” v4:n2:12–17

” ‘Top 10’ Lucid Dreaming Experiences,” 62:29

“Transcending Fear through Lucid Dreaming,” v1:n2:8–11

“Tuning into Your Optimal Self/Branching Parallel Universes,” 32:20–21

“Two Psychopompic Lucid Dreams,” 58:7–8

“Why Should ‘Harry Potter’ Spells Work in Lucid Dreams?”, 36:26

Kharitidi, Olga, M. D., Master of Lucid Dreams, 28:20

Kid Lucid, “My Top Ten” [lucid dreaming experiences], v2:n2:51

Kidd, Ben, “Nightmares and Lucid Dreams,” 30:11–13, 30:23

Klein, Karen, “Dreamscapes,” 56:25

Koslow, Ian, interviewed by Robert Waggoner, 44:2–7

Kroll, James, interviewed by Robert Waggoner, v1:n3:2–7

Kurzweil, Ray, interviewed by Adastra, 19:10


L., Joe

See also Lamando, Joe

“Feline – A Note from Joe,” 18:19

“Feline (Involute)” (poem), 18:9

“Ill Wind Be Ill Wind” (poem), 18:9

“PILDS?”, 18:9

Ladgman, Vlad

“God and I,” 58:16–17, 58:20

“God’s Language,” 59:17, 59:19–21

interviewed by Robert Waggoner, 57:2–8

Laffoley, Paul, interviewed by Robert Waggoner, 56:2–6

Lamando, Joe

See also L., Joe

“Astral Travel” (poem), 16:3

“Dream’s Domain” (poem), 16:1

“Reflections on a Prophetic Dream – August ’90” (poem), 21:25

“Scrybe Dream Journey,” 18:19–22

LaMarca, Kristen E.

“Lucid Dream Meditation: What’s it like to meditate in a lucid dream?”, 48:15

“Lucid Dream Seeds – On Finding the Time to Dream Journal,” 62:16–17

Langley, Josh

“The Dwarf Guide,” v3:n3:14

“Lucid Dream or OBE: Mapping the Differences,” v3:n2:17

Lauer, Albert, “Where Dreaming Meets Waking,” v3:n2:25–26

Laurance, “Lucid-Dream Chanting: Hu vs. Om,” v3:n3:15

Liemant, Marcelle

“Meeting My Main Character,” v4:n1:11–13

“Using Lucid Dreaming to Experience the Subatomic Level,” v3:n4:20–22

Lindberg, Carole

“A Lucid Attack? A Fractured Hand,” 58:22

“Hippocampus,” 56:11–12

“The Struggling Oneironaut,” 55:16–17

L.J., letter to “Lucid Dream Exchange,” 42:11

Lockard, Laura Mason, “The End of the Dreading Time,” 62:22–23

Love, Daniel, interviewed by Robert Waggoner, v2:n4:2–11

Luber, Peter A., “Lucidly Exploring Delta Sleep,” v3:n1:33–35

“Lucid Dream Exchange”

becomes “Lucid Dream Experience,” June 2012, v1:n1–1

history of publication, 13:1, 21:2

Internet, inclusion on, 15:32–33

new design by Lori Goddard, 23:2

Quarterly Lucid Dream Challenge. See dream challenge

lucid dreaming

20 questions about, 28:7–10

flying tip, 26:15

induction tip, 26:15

questionnaire, responses to, 27:5–7


MacSweeny, Rory

“From Science Fiction to Fact,” 60:17–18

“The Mutual Dream Experiment,” v2:n3:16–17

Magallón, Linda Lane

“A Lucid Mutual Dream During Dreams,” 33:2–5

“Astral Separation Tricks,” 16:3

“Creativity Begins Before the Dream,” 56:17–19

“The Dark Beyond the Dream,” 17:15–16

“The Dream as Psiberspace,” 40:8–12

“Dream Characters and Reality Checks:

Part 1: A Quest for Verification,” 34:10–15

Part 2: Validation and Practicality”, 35:12–16

Part 3: Incubation and Fantasy”, 36:10–16

Part 4: Mutual Dreaming”, 37:19–22

“Dream Definition Dialogue: Interpreting a Lucid Dream,” 23:13–14

“Fear of Flying and Other FAQs,” 43:9–13

“Flying Dream Body and Physical Body,” 27:12, 27:27

“Flying Dream FAQ,” 13:28–30

“Flying Dream or Astral Flight?”, 47:9–12

“Going to the Sun: Religious Beliefs & Psi,” 24:14–16, 24:22

“Heather was once, and Hilary.” (poem), 30:15

“The Hidden Assumptions of Shared Dreaming,” 39:7–11

“How to Launch Flight within A Lucid Dream,” 19:7

“I Dream of You; You Dream of Me – Projection and Perception,” 38:7–11

“In Gratitude… A Lucid Dream to Mark the Ending of an Era,” 50:8–9

interviewed by Robert Waggoner, 25:2–6

“The Lime That Wasn’t: Health and the Lucid Dream,” 29:8–9

“Lucid Humor,” 21:17

“Lucid Recovery from the Automobile Nightmares,” 31:12–14

“Manifesting Color in Lucid Dreams,” 29:21–22

“Me and My Echo: The Quirks and Frustrations of Interactive Lucid Dreaming,” 32:10–15

“Now Appearing in Mutual Dreams,” 46:10–13

“Overcoming Myths about Lucid Dreaming,” 51:28–29

“Past Lives in Poetry,” 30:15

“Questions from Dream Group Leaders On-line,” 22:17–18

responses to questions about lucid dreams, 28:7–10

“The Secret of the Astral Wind,” 22:9–10

“Styles of Flight,” 26:14

“The Surface of the Dream Is Not the Whole of Me,” 30:8–10

“Twirling Sensation at the Edge of Sleep – from ‘Psychic Dreaming’ Class,” 21:14

“Why I Title My Lucid Dreams,” 17:2

“The Winds of Space, 1/31/85” (poem), 22:9

Magallón, Teresa, responses to questions about lucid dreams, 28:7–10

Maich, Peter

“Breaking the Barriers,” 60:10–11

conversation with Maria Isabel Pita, v1:n3:14–16

interviewed by Robert Waggoner, 62:2–10

Manning, B. J., “Bright White Light Lucid Dreams,” 51:14, v3:n3:18–19

Mares, Theun, Cry of the EagleThe Toltec Teachings, 28:20

Masters, Robert Augustus, interviewed by Arthur Gillard, 40:17–23

Masterson, Anne

“Shaman Journey,” 23:3

“Turn the Dream Around,” 27:11

Mastrangelo, Linda, interviewed by Robert Waggoner, 59:2–8

McCready, Caroline, interviewed by Robert Waggoner, v2:n1:2–7

McPhee, Charles, Stop Sleeping through Your Dreams, 15:31

Melbourne, David F.

interviewed by Robert Waggoner, 47:2–7

“Lucid Dreams: To Be Able to Control Your Dream,” 35:9–11

Messenger, Tad, interviewed by Robert Waggoner, v1:n1:2–6

Miller, Ginny, “A Lucid Dream Healing of My Dad,” v4:n2:8–9

Moniz, Al

See also Kid Lucid

“Kid Lucid” (initial occurrence of ongoing cartoon), 47:17–20

“My Top Ten” [lucid dreaming experiences], v1:n1:34

“Waking Up to Waking Life,” v2:n4:25–28

Morley, Charlie, interviewed by Robert Waggoner, v2:n2:2–7

Moss, Robert, Dreamgates: An Explorer’s Guide to the Worlds of Soul, Imagination, and Life After Death, 20:25–27

Murphy, Bill

“An Ancient Cognitive Tool for Creative Inspiration,” v4:n1:16–17

“Can a Community of Lucid Dreamers Generate a Measurable Frequency?”, v2:n3:14–15

“Can Dreams Be Mirrored Digitally?”, v2:n2:16–17

“Can Technology Facilitate a Consensus Virtual Reality in Lucid Dreams?”, v2:n1:18–19

“Emotional and Physical Health Benefits for Lucid Dreamers,” v4:n2:23

“The Key to Understanding How We Dream May Have Come from the Mind of a Dreaming Scientist,” v3:n3:8–10

“Lucid Dreamers Help Scientists Locate the Seat of Meta-Consciousness in the Brain,” v1:n3:12–13

named the “Lucid Dream Experience” science correspondent, v1:n2:13

“The Scientific Study of Color in Dreams,” v1:n4:24

“Spaced-Out Dreams Influenced by the Force,” v3:n4:19

“Triggering Lucid Dreams to Manipulate Consciousness,” v3:n1:36–37

“Voluntary Astral Projection: A New Study Reveals Some Answers,” v3:n2:12–13

Musgrave, Susan, Dreams Are More Real than Bathtubs, 16:10


Naiya, interviewed by Robert Waggoner, v1:n2:2–6

“Northfork” (film), 28:20


Oldis, Daniel

“Multi-Player Dream Games,” 54:5

“With a little help from my friends…”, 58:21

Oliver, Sean, “Lucidity” (web series), 57:12

Olsen, Chris, interviewed by Robert Waggoner, 52:2–7


P., Katie, lucid dream induction methods, 17:5

“Paperhouse” (film), 16:10

Parker, Steve

“Exploring the Properties of Dreamstuff,” 38:15

letter to “Lucid Dream Exchange,” 42:10

“Steve Parker Goes W.I.L.D.”, 41:6–7


“As Seen in My Dreams,” 56:22–23

interviewed by Robert Waggoner, 42:2–7

Patel, Vipul, letter to “Lucid Dream Exchange,” 34:36

Peisel, Thomas

“Am I Dreaming?”, v2:n2:18–19

interviewed by Robert Waggoner, v2:n3:2–7

Penderak, Ralf, “Wake-Induced Lucid Dreams Helped Me Deal with My Fear of Death,” 32:30–32

Peterson, Roger A. (“Pete”)

“A Ball of Light – A Dream about the Nature of Consciousness and Being,” 53:7–12

“Pete’s Creation Dreams,” 54:28

Phillips, Ben, “Merkaba Dream,” 54:15

Pita, Juana Rosa, “Future Space” (poem), v3:n4:22

Pita, Maria Isabel

“Cells and Self: The Biology of Lucid Dreaming,” v2:n4:29–33

“Dreams: Hieroglyphs of the Unconscious,” v3:n1:29–32

“Energy Bodies – A Conversation with Peter Maich,” v1:n3:14–16

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