DreamSpeak Interviews


002 dreamspeak-caroline1

UK artist, presenter and lucid dreamer, Caroline McCready speaks with interviewer Robert Waggoner about exploring conceptual boundaries through lucid dreaming.

DreamSpeak Interview with Caroline McCready available to download in PDF format


003 dreamspeak-edkellogg1

This issue’s DreamSpeak interviewee and creator of the LDE’s Lucid Dream Challenge, Ed Kellogg earned his Ph.D. in biochemistry from Duke University. A proficient lucid dreamer, he has a long-standing interest in the phenomenology of dreaming. He has presented numerous papers and workshops on such topics as the lucidity continuum, lucid dream healing, and mutual dreaming. In 2002, 2003, and 2004 Ed organized and hosted IASD’s online PsiberDreaming Conferences.

DreamSpeak Interview with Ed Kellogg available to download in PDF Format


001 dreamspeak-clare21

A lucid dreamer and doctoral student at the University of Leeds, England, Clare Johnson seeks to understand the role of lucid dreaming in the creative process. Drawing on her own lucid dreams and those of lucid dreamers in the creative arts, Clare continues to work on her Ph.D. thesis and on uncovering the mysteries of lucid dreaming. Last year, Clare wowed the judges of the Dream Telepathy Contest at the Copenhagen International Association for the Study of Dreams conference with her dream entry, which won first place.

DreamSpeak Interview with Clare Johnson available to download in PDF Format


004 dreamspeak-line1

Through the internet, I became acquainted with a Norwegian woman who surprised me, by writing….

“I have logged close to 1,000 lucid dreams so far this year (I started keeping a dream journal in January/February,…), so I can only guess that I have had probably at least 8,000 lucid dreams, but the actual number might be more than double [that number].”  

Now you and I know that the winter nights are long in Scandinavia, but 8,000 lucid dreams? Wow…. So join me in welcoming Line Salvesen to the LDE

DreamSpeak Interview with Line Salvesen available to download in PDF format