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The Lucid Dreaming Experience

An independently published quarterly e-zine dedicated to educating and inspiring lucid dreamers everywhere

lde logoWelcome to Lucid Dreaming Experience, an independently published, reader supported, quarterly publication that features lucid dreams and articles on lucid dreaming. Our goal is to educate and inspire lucid dreamers through sharing lucid dreams, exploring lucid dream techniques, and discussing the implications of lucid dream activities.

How it works: Every three months, lucid dreamers send us their personal lucid dream experiences and articles, interviews, book reviews, etc. We collect all of the lucid dreams and publishable articles and then send them out to our readers and subscribers! Lucid dreams are those dreams in which you consciously realize that you are dreaming.

Through the lucid dream experiences of our readers, you will learn a lot about lucid dreaming — new challenges to try, techniques to prolong lucidity, ideas about the boundaries of lucid dreaming and more. Many of our readers find that reading about lucid dreams in the LDE (particularly at night before going to sleep) increases their likelihood of having lucid dreams!

It is easy to “submit a lucid dream for publication” – just click, and follow the guidelines.

Also you can subscribe to Lucid Dreaming Experience – our email version is free, while our print version is available for a modest donation. To the left are examples of articles, interviews and lucid dreams submitted by our readers and found in Lucid Dreaming Experience.

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