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Incubating Lucid Dreams
  • The Crucial, First 30 Seconds – Responding to Lucid Awareness - Robert Waggoner
    When the first spark of lucid realization illuminates your mind and you gleefully announce, “Hey, this is a dream!”, what happens next? continue>>
  • Five Successful Techniques for Lucid Dreaming - Robert Waggoner
    Here are five simple and successful techniques for becoming consciously aware in the dream state. Look them over and select one. If you practice it consistently with a positive expectation, then you should soon be enjoying the world of lucid dreaming. Additional ideas can be found in Robert Waggoner's new book: Lucid Dreaming: Gateway to the Inner Self. continue >>
  • So, Was That a Lucid Dream? - Lucy Gillis
    As your interest in lucid dreaming grows and you begin practicing some lucid dream induction techniques, you may notice that your "ordinary" or non-lucid dreams begin to change. If you have never had a lucid dream before, but experience some dreams very different from your usual kind of dreams, then in some cases you may not be sure if you were lucid or not. continue >>

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